My moonstone

Tonite, I bought me a moonstone and a platinum/silver necklace to put that moonstone on…

in a jewelry and accessories shop in Sai Gon.

It is believed that:

Moonstone and Cancer represent one of the closest astro-gemological relationships. The moon rules this sign, and Moonstone helps to stabilize Cancerian emotions, especially when caring becomes overconcern for their loved ones.

Sodalite can help clear up emotional confusion in the Crab and help them to be mentally grounded.

For those Cancerians who use food as their refuge from emotional issues, citrine and peridot can help. Both of these crystals can also assist Cancer in developing deeper self-esteem.

I hope this moonstone will kill away all the fears inside me.

… and bring me the balance that I have been searching for so long.


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