In my place

Sometimes all I need is just  a beautiful place to sit down, relax for a while, and clear my head.

I love somewhere peaceful, somewhere green and full of smiles and lovely noises made by cheerful people, kids, especially kids… they all have so bright smiles and innocent thoughts, just as pure as the first sunlight of the day.

I feel myself of being so imbalanced, a bit empty and insecure these days, for no specific reasons, these feeling that I have been making friend with for quite long so I never question me why.

I have learnt that everytime when I am down, it is best to sit down, listen, see things or draw and write some messy or stupid stuff, then i will soon find again my balance without knowing it.

Well, it is weekend, should list some nice things  to do.

Have just found this picture on Internet, the English roses are so adorable, aren’t they?


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