Poppy fields

Tittle: “Poppy fields” – one of Coldplay’s songs that I am listening to at this moment – a very sad song performed by Chris’ heartfelt voice


When walking around the park last night and listenting to all the old tracks from my very old Ipod, I found myself floating in feelings and colors.  Feel like autumn is right here, right now in that colorful sparking light on the water, in the tender winds that blowing my hair, in the cool weather and the shadow of the trees… Feel like I can touch them, smell them, taste them and nod my head to confirm “Yeah, I feel autumn”! People are waking without talking, each is busy with their own thoughts and business. So am I, wandering with mixed feelings and emotions


Happiness is simple when you have good music to listen to, especially when finding all good tracks from the old Ipod that you have not touched for so long.  Happiness may disguised in a job that inspires you to go to work each day, in the warm feeling of wanting to go home after finishing all the tasks, just to see a welcoming and familiar face that knows all the tricks to make you roll on the floor laughing…


I plan to go home this weekend to get away from busy days and all stressful decisions for a while. Mom told me she just bought a new scooter and she seems so excited about it, she wants to give me a ride on her new scooter  around the tiny roads of the village- can’t wait!

So distracted recently, need to go out tonite, definitely i need to go out tonite!


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