The month of May

The month of May comes, the weather immediately changes to extremely hot and humid some days and people change to grumpy and crumpy moods sometimes. Somehow I still love May, like the way i love a picture without any touch of effects and photoshop. On the street, old women still sells white lilies on their worn bicycles. The lilies of May seem to be bigger than the ones in April, anyway, I have just had only one vase of lilies since March. After they got wilted, I threw them away and no more flowers since then. I love flower arranging, but  hate to see when all the flowers wilt and I have to replace them with some new ones…

A taste of summer
A taste of summer

Got many lovely gifts today from lovely friends, some books from OZ and a lovely purple checkboard. Love is all around but sometimes I am too tired to see and feel it.

There is a big change in me and I am trying to align with each every single day…

Lovely gifts from friends
Lovely gifts from friends


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