20 June

Just came back from Tokyo yesterday afternoon. I had to wake up sometimes around 3 AM Vietnam time to catch the taxi to Shinjuku station and catch the Airport Limousine from here to the airport. The flight was kind of pleasant, just after 02 movies and I landed in Hanoi. Two full packed suitcase with stuffs for the colleagues in the office. Next time i woudl consider keeping all of my business trips as a secret 🙂

Back to work this morning. A full mailbox. Too many things to do at once. Some complaints. Some more headaches to resolve.

June is the month of my birthday and this is one of my most favourite items i bought for myself in this trip. A pair of Onitsuka Tiger. Always love this brand after reading ShoeDog but this is just the first pair of Onitsuka Tiger I got:


Listening to “Hymn to the Immortal Wind” of MONO. I just bought this album in Tokyo for Thanh and Loi as whenever I listen to MONO i always think of them. The music clears my soul, it gives me the feeling like I am floating and as light as a feather. The music speaks to me eventhough it is without the lyric. That’s the main reason why i love Intrusmental post rock that much.



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