Random acts of kindness

On the flight from Hanoi to Bangkok two days ago, I sat next to a lady who i thought were Japanese from my first impression. The way she dressed and her hairstyle made me somehow believe she is Japanese. I was just focusing on filling in the immigration form so that I could get back to my book quickly when she asked me in Vietnamese (to my surprise!) if i could help her fill out her form since she does not know English. Later on she shared with me she just transited in BKK for the next flight to Kiev (Ukraina) and as she does not know any English, she did not think she would be able to find where to pick up her checked in baggage which was full of clothing and food for her grandchildren. In addition, she was not confident she would be able to find the check in gate and counter for her next flight to Kiev which was with another airline (that’s why her lugguage was not checked in through). She asked if I can also help her to show her where was the baggage aisle and take her to the check in gate for her next flight. I had planned to get out of the airport as soon as possible so that I could reac the hotel early, take a shower, have dinner and quickly have my preparation for the next day’s meeting done before taking a rest after a tiring day, however, i just could not let that lady deal with her problems on her own. So in around one hour I helped her with one of her hand carrying baggages when we got out of the airplane, walked with her to the baggage aisle and ultimately took her up to the 4th floor, asking the airport staff to show us where to check in the flight to Kiev the next day. When I said goodbye and wished her luck with the rest of her trip, she said thanks to me so many times when i just did a very small little tiny thing for her.I hope she arrived Kiev safely and the next 9-10 hours journey by taxi to get to her home would not be so tiring.

That night, when I read the book of Robin Sharma on Life Lessons, there was some sentences about giving help to a stranger daily, i was so glad i spent time helping that lady and felt so good for doing that. I’m glad i have been doing similar things quite often, eventhough not everytime that I am certain about what I have done is right. The other day when i walked home from the parking area, there was a guy on his motorbike who approached me hesitantly asking if i could give him some money so that he could fix his motorbike. Normally I will always say ‘No” to such request and try to avoid, move out of those cases as soon as I can since  I have heard and  have read so many stories and warnings about people purposely approach you asking for money even when they were not really in need for help (like fake beggars and burglars) but not sure why in that circumstance, I gave him 100 000 VND (around US$5) eventhough he asked less than that. When i told Ha Ot that story that evening, Ha ot told me maybe i was fooled by that man’s fake story which made me uncertain about what I did. Anyway, i would never know if that man was really in need for help or not so maybe i should not feel bad about that.


Anyway, back to Bangkok trip, i promised myself to manage the things I eat carefully since I gained weight quite significantly recently. However, who can say No to this tasty (though a bit salty) Tom yum Udon 🙂

Tom Yum Udon



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