“I’ll miss you man”

Thanks for sharing this, TitoSilvey

We may joke and take the piss out of Linkin Park nowadays, whether for the new sound or laughing at how we were angsty little shits back when we listened to them everyday, but they really meant a lot. A little bit of a story, I was at this shoot. I didn’t work on it, I wasn’t an extra, I had nothing to do with it, I just was fortunate enough to be able to visit the set. I was back then, real young, like before highschool young. And LP were the first band I had ever really fallen in love with, enough to follow and learn about. The first band I got made fun of for loving. The first band I stood up for. And I can remember meeting Chester there and talking with him, not just for a couple minutes, but for like 30-40 while they were setting up and taking a break. And maybe it wasn’t really a back and forth, me some young dumb kid, but I remember how happy Chester was to stay and talk with me, to answer any questions and just tell me things. Where was this guy I looked up to and respected massively, and he was. happy to talk to me for however long I needed. He had the time and he gave it to me. And then a few months later I was lucky enough to see them and I got close enough to the stage so that during one point in the set he saw me and came over and waved to say hey. He remembered me. One more fan in tens of thousands, and he remembered. This sounds like I’m trying to make myself out as special, that’s not what this is, this is me saying how cool Chester was. A dude who remembered you and wanted to talk to fans and turn them from fans to friends. I just got lucky. I’m sure there are tons of others with similar stories, that seemed like the sort of guy he was, a genuine person. I may not listen to them anymore, I’m sure many people don’t who used to love them, they were a certain sound for a certain time. But goddamn were they an important sound for us at that time. A sound that said you weren’t alone in this shitty situation. So maybe, for us who grew up with them reinventing and playing an important part in the sound of early 2000’s, the new stuff isn’t great, but maybe that’s because it’s not for us. Perhaps their reinventions were for the kids who came after us, the kids who needed their own version of the stuff we had, not with angsty vocals and guitars, but with pop and such. And for those kids, maybe those new albums are as important as Hybrid and Meteora were for us. I mean shit, if Stormzy has respect for them, that’s gotta mean their new sound is doing something right. This has all gone on longer then I meant it to when I started writing it, but I guess in writing it I’m realizing how important they really were for me, even after all this time – hell, I should have already know the way me and friends were drunkenly get hyped when these old bangers came on in a club. I guess this is all just to say, thank you Chester, thank you for making Linkin Park such an important part of our lives. I’ll miss you man


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