Some random facts about me

Not sure if they’re interesting or not. But below i have listed some random things that I know about myself. Here you go!

  1. I was born in 1985 and I’m a Cancer
  2. My family: Currently I’m living with my husband and my daughter: baby Book (An). you will see i mention a lot about her in my posts
  3. My best friends: i have 03 of them but better not to name them here otherwise it will create unnecessary jealousy (hehe)
  4. My hometown family: it is where my parents are living. Now it is a small town, around 02 hours driving from Hanoi
  5. My favorite food: Vietnamese food is always my most favorite food, I love Pho, Banh My and the food I cook
  6. Memories that make me smile: An, the destinations that I have visited, the nice people that I have met
  7. Future occasions to which I’m looking forward: Visit AJ in Sydney (Done in April 2017),  travel to somewhere far away with my beloved ones
  8. My favorite items you own: Buddha statues from Tung and AJ, my watches…
  9. My favorite music genre: Post rock (i was influenced by a friend Xanh Mờ on this music genre many years back. What a pity, we no longer talked to each other and may be no longer friend. Now i have no one to share the music hobby with, but it’s fine!
  10.  My favorite month: December (An’s birthday, my wedding day and Mom’s birthday are all in December
  11. I want to be a vegan
  12. To be continued… 


4 thoughts on “Some random facts about me

  1. Hi chị,
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  2. chị ơi, em có thể dùng hình này của chị để tham gia 1 cuộc thi ảnh đc không ạ

    nếu được em xin cảm ơn chị nhiều ạ ❤

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